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How to sext a girl by phone online


There are few things in this world that are as satisfying as a good sext. And though some people might think it’s easy to just whip out your phone and text the woman of your dreams about how you want to ravage her on free sexting sites, there’s actually more to it than that. In fact, there are several steps you can take to make sure that both of you enjoy the process and get exactly what you want out of it. So if you’ve ever wondered how to sext a girl by phone online? Well here’s how:

1. Decide on your tone

When you’re texting, your tone is everything. You want to be playful but not too silly; confident but not cocky; and most importantly, you want to match her tone as closely as possible. If she’s flirty and playful in person or on the phone, then it would be weird for you to suddenly become super serious with her after all this time of being buddies who had fun together and made each other laugh.

You also don’t want to come across as aggressive or passive either–this can make a girl feel uncomfortable and turn her off from wanting more from our conversation (or even talking at all!).

2. Start with a compliment

As a general rule, it’s best to start with a compliment. Compliments are a great way to get her attention and make her feel good about herself, which will put her in the right mood for online sexting free.

The key here is specificity: don’t just say “you’re beautiful.” That can come across as insincere or even creepy if you’ve never met before (or if you have but don’t know what specifically she finds attractive). Instead, try something like “I love how hardworking and creative you are” or even just “I love seeing your face every day.” This will show that you know what makes this person special–and why they’re worth getting naked for!

3. Be direct about what you want

Once you’ve established a rapport and gotten her on the phone, it’s time to get down to business. You want the girl to know what you’re after, but don’t be too explicit.

Here are some examples of what not to do:

  • “I want your body.” This is too direct and probably won’t get much reaction from her at all–if anything, she’ll think you’re being creepy! Don’t be afraid of being direct though; just try not being so blunt about it…
  • “Let’s have sex right now.” Again with this idea of being blunt? Yeah yeah yeah: no good! You don’t want her thinking that all men are sleazy jerks who only call girls at night because they want something (and she might even hang up on you).

5. Be specific about what you want to do to her

You should never be afraid to ask for what you want.

  • Be specific about what you want to do to her. If there’s something that she’s into, tell her exactly how it would feel if she were doing it with you right now!
  • Be specific about where you want to do it. If there’s a place in particular where she has always wanted someone else (or even just one person) but never had the chance, let her know that this is an opportunity for both of you!
  • Be specific about how exactly how much pleasure this would bring both of your bodies right now if only they could be joined together by phone lines instead of miles apart physically

It’s fine to let her guide the conversation, but be sure you have something good in store for her.

The conversation should be a two-way street. You don’t want to be the only one doing the talking, so be sure to ask her questions and let her guide the conversation as well. She might want you to take charge or she may want you in a submissive role–either way, if she shows interest in something then go with it!

If anything feels uncomfortable or weird during sex over text, call it out immediately so that both of you can talk about what went wrong and fix it before moving forward again (or deciding not to).


You don’t have to be a smooth talker or an expert seducer. In fact, it’s better if you’re not! The more relaxed and genuine you are, the more likely she will be to respond positively to your flirting. So go ahead and try one of the tips above–and let us know how it goes!

Escort In Berlin: The Best Brothels And Sex Services

Germany is hands down a fantastic country. It combines history and great architecture with modern entertainment. All the world’s popular festivals happen in Germany, and all famous nightclubs are located in Germany. However, spending time in Germany doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditional entertainment. 

The good news is that sex work in Germany is legal. You can easily find amazing brothels in Berlin and have fun. It’s one of the safest options to have quality sex. All agencies must have certificates; thus, their models go through medical care to ensure they are healthy. 

And yes, no one will drug you and rob you while you’re unconscious. That’s why it’s also safer for women to hire a male escort. 

Understanding Escort

Escort is not prostitution. Even legislation in various countries states these terms are different. However, in reality, these services have similarities. One might say that escort is a more advanced service.

You get a temporary partner when you hire a woman or a man from an escort agency. It’s almost like getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but for a short period. This partner is perfect by all means: they listen to you, entertain you, and offer amazing sex.

Sometimes, clients can hire escorts solely to accompany them to business or social events, parties, etc. In other cases, clients hire men and women from escorts only to have amazing sex. Thus, it depends on the individual what they want to receive from escort services. 

The good news is that all escort agencies have websites where you can check out the pricing and services they provide. Typically, clients prefer escort models to accompany them to events while also getting sex services later on. 

How To Find Escort In Germany?

If you wish to find brothels or services in berlin or in any other german city, you can check out portals that inform about sex services. It’s the easiest way to find the best escort agencies while visiting Germany.

The best thing about such portals is that they have categorization and navigation. You can choose the type of service you want to receive and your location. Then just visit a chosen website (since most agencies have websites), and check out the models’ profiles. You can see their prices, services, photos, and even videos.

You may also google a request and enable your geolocation. Thus, Google will offer local German escort agencies. A reminder: escort is legal in Germany, but check their certificates. 

What to look for when choosing a whore

Escort is one of the most popular services among men. Girls with perfect forms offer a pleasant pastime. You can use the services of call girls through the escort services website. Blondes, brunettes, girls of athletic build, and chubby, big boobs escort girls  are all popular and available on the website online. The site has a large selection of girls’ profiles. The services the girls provide are of great variety. Classic vaginal sex is in demand. Also, with the escort girl, you can agree on anal or oral sex, erotic massage, and striptease dance.

An unforgettable experience with escorts

If a man wants romance and the need for wild and passionate sex, he can meet the most attractive girls distinguished by their natural beauty and seductive appearance. On the escort services website, you can find the most stunning and sensual escort beauties with photos and detailed descriptions of services.

With so many attractive and hot girls striving to satisfy every whim of a potential client, it’s easy to find a single and unique beauty. Once a man has experienced their caresses, he won’t be able to resist the urge to spend time with another beautiful escort again.

Advantages of ordering escort girls:

  • Perfect companions for any event. Girls are well-mannered and know the norms of behavior in society.
  • Sex in the company of a girl with an ideal body. Sluts take care of themselves and go to the gym and beauty salons.
  • The opportunity to spend the night and realize the most secret desires with the girl of dreams.

Not only the girl’s appearance and figure are essential, but also her ability to provide various services, keep up the conversation, know good manners, and have a clear understanding of how to treat a man. If a man wants to relax emotionally and physically, then a friendly and professional escort girl can do everything to satisfy him. 

What an escort girl should be like

An escort girl must be well-mannered, have an excellent physique, and no manners. Sexual experience is not unimportant. A prostitute must be able to satisfy a man’s desires and use seduction and relaxation techniques. Only a professional prostitute will be able to give an unforgettable night to a man. With such a girl, you can have a good time and try various sex.

Attractive and intriguing representatives of the sex industry will give a man an excellent and varied entertainment program. Passionate and obedient escort girls are ready to help a man get great pleasure and give him countless unforgettable moments. 



Porn or pornography is basically a portrayal of sexual subject matter that leads to sexual arousal. In simpler terms, porn means showcasing nude or naked videos and photos in order to satisfy the viewers’ sexual needs and desires. Porn stars are the individuals who perform or act in these videos and showcase nudity and sexual intercourse to satisfy the sexual desires of the viewer. We live in a society where we can’t talk properly about porn or sex, even in a healthy manner. Pornstars or people associated with pornography were once labelled as a social stigma. Well, each thing carries its own pros and cons. This article provides a general overview of the most successful pornstars of all time.

Who exactly are the pornstars?

Pornstars are the actors or actresses who perform or act in movies that showcase sexual intercourse and nudity. They are generally referred to as the people who perform in the naked videos. People have an assumption that the people who act in porn movies are acting because of financial crises and lack of money. Although it’s true, not the hard reality. Many people join the porn industry due to a lack of money, but they somehow want to be associated with this industry for a long time because they are paid well. There are many beautiful nude pornstars who charge a high amount for performing in adult entertainment movies. Porn stars charge a high amount of money for performing anal and naked scenes.

All-Time Successful Pornstars

There are many actors and actresses who got paid well for performing naked scenes in the movie. Porn stars charge a high amount of money, and they maintain their lifestyle well. It somehow makes them financially stable and independent, so they can enjoy their life outside the industry. Here is a list of the most successful pornstars of all time :

  • Mia Khalifa: Mia Khalifa is one of the most successful pornstars of all time. She is one of the most searched pornstars in the world. She is consistently ranked among the top ten most successful adult actors.
  • Kendra Sunderland: She enters the porn industry due to a lack of money and attains financial stability and independence. Now she is ruling the charts of successful pornstars and creating buzz in the country.
  • Asia Carrera: She is one of the highest paid actresses in the porn industry. She joined the porn industry for fun, but she is an intelligent and smart girl. She is among the most searched for actresses in the porn industry.
  • Peter North: He is ranked among the top 3 most successful pornstars of all time. He said that he accidentally joined the porn industry, but now he is making good money. He is one of the most popular pornstars on the internet.


Pornstars are the individuals who perform in adult entertainment movies. There are various pornstars who are paid well in the adult entertainment industry. However, their payment level depends on their popularity and reputation.